We are Arcadia Science.


Our mission is to give a community of researchers freedom and tools to be adventurous and discover and to make scientific exploration financially self-sustaining.

Arcadia Science is inspired by the spirit of exploration and aspires to evolve how science is done, who it attracts and rewards, and what it can achieve.

We want to create a viable path to discovery in emerging research organisms, providing an alternative to traditional academic and biotech research avenues. We will bring together people, capital, and a desire to create an open community -- with the goal to create a platform for breakthroughs to be shared, supported, and shepherded from the lab to commercialization.


We want to push scientific discovery to be the catalyst for translational utility.

We believe:

1. Open science is better science. Science is most rigorous when collectively improved through the contributions of many. Discovery should be open and shared, and advancements should be measured by what they build, how they integrate, and how widely they are utilized. We are committed to sharing findings as well as failures earlier, more frequently, and more openly.

2. There is value hiding in plain sight. We will explore and experiment in new ways on different organisms, in areas overlooked or otherwise poorly supported, with tools we have yet-to conceive. We seek both to question and augment the scientific status quo.


3. Diversity and creativity will unlock amazing science. We will create on-ramps for inclusion, work to redefine metrics and mechanisms, and empower new types of leaders with real resources that can fundamentally advance new science. We welcome unconventional thinking to expand our toolkit and perspectives.


4. Commercial pursuits will fuel our research, not constrain it. We will encourage and enable diverse exploration and translation at scale with a self-sustaining funding pipeline. People with energy and ingenuity will be essential to this venture. We want to attract a generation of ambitious and industrious scientific talent to chart a new path.